Sunflower Seeds

I mean, who doesn’t like them?  But I couldn’t remember how much I LOVED them until I bought some raw ones the other day and roasted them on the skillet myself.  Unsalted and fresh.  A light snack that I can keep on eating, with minimal calories!  I had simply forgotten about my love for these tiny little delicious seeds until I saw them again.

How many times have you tried on makeup in a department store or specialty boutique and remembered you have something similar at home stuffed away in a drawer somewhere?  And then you realized how much you loved it at some point in your life.  And then you go home to look for it, finally locating it at the bottom of a drawer, renewing your love for it once again.

I moved recently and I can’t tell you how much makeup I have and how many gems had been forgotten until now.

It’s no secret that I love makeup. And it’s not because my job is all about makeup either. I love buying makeup, I love wearing makeup and nothing gives me more joy than to work with my clients and make up their faces for a photoshoot or a special occasion.  There are some smaller sized products like liquid eye liner, single eyeshadow or lipstick, they get lost in the mix quite easily. And it’s like a treasure trove whenever I locate that one specific color again after some time apart. The smaller things in life!

A reminder, please don’t forget that makeup does come with an expiration date.  And if you kept yours in the bathroom where it’s hot and steamy…well, that date will come sooner than later.

Treat your makeup right, and it will treat you right!

Now take out your forgotten favorites and show them some love!

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