This Describes Me (and Perhaps You) The Introverts

I came across this video of Susan Cain talking about the Power of Introverts a while ago and thought to myself, this describes me just about perfectly.  Like I said in my previous post, I enjoy hanging with people but I also enjoy spending time by myself quite a bit.  This video is so powerful, it givesContinue reading “This Describes Me (and Perhaps You) The Introverts”

Social Distancing Expert

Day 1 of self quarantine. I wake up to my cat Bear licking my face, home sweet home. It was just yesterday that I was in Oklahoma City, where we were having dinner and talking about the recent Coronavirus outbreak, when we were called to the urgent meeting that the rest of the tour datesContinue reading “Social Distancing Expert”

Sunflower Seeds

I mean, who doesn’t like them?  But I couldn’t remember how much I LOVED them until I bought some raw ones the other day and roasted them on the skillet myself.  Unsalted and fresh.  A light snack that I can keep on eating, with minimal calories!  I had simply forgotten about my love for these tiny little deliciousContinue reading “Sunflower Seeds”