This Describes Me (and Perhaps You) The Introverts

I came across this video of Susan Cain talking about the Power of Introverts a while ago and thought to myself, this describes me just about perfectly.  Like I said in my previous post, I enjoy hanging with people but I also enjoy spending time by myself quite a bit.  This video is so powerful, it gives a great insight to what Introversion truly is and it is quite different than what most people think.  This is a phrase she said in the video: “solitude is a crucial ingredient often to creativity”.  I couldn’t agree with her more.

Growing up in this society of group work, team building, pot luck, buddy systems, etc., it seems like everything is very group focused.  I remember wanting to work alone on a project in my high school English class and was labeled a loner by my classmates.  The teacher essentially told me I needed help to open up, come out of my shell and learn to work well with others.  It’s not that I don’t work well with others, it’s just that I find my creativity flows much easier when I don’t have 3 or 20 people talking around me.  I’d rather talk to myself instead.  I know what you’re thinking…no, I’m not crazy or mentally unstable.  But I do talk to myself.

Introverts, as most people believe, are people who are loners and are shy or maybe too intense.  It is a frequently misunderstood personality trait.  I think us Introverts simply react differently to stimuli, we process the energy around us on a different level and we’re able to find contentment easily even when we’re by ourselves.  With that being said, enjoy this video and let me know your thoughts!

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