Social Distancing Expert

Day 1 of self quarantine. I wake up to my cat Bear licking my face, home sweet home. It was just yesterday that I was in Oklahoma City, where we were having dinner and talking about the recent Coronavirus outbreak, when we were called to the urgent meeting that the rest of the tour dates will be postponed. So unreal. It takes me a while to let that sink in and here I am, waking up in my own bed just a day later.

I make coffee, my usual morning routine, and eat a granola bar. Everything seems…normal.

Day 2 of self quarantine. I wake up to my cat Bear licking my face, home sweet home. Yes, I am home, not in some random hotel room and I don’t have to pack my bags to make the bus call. But now I have to get myself situated for the 2 week quarantine time.

Day 45 of self quarantine. I have no idea what happened in the last 43 days as I run out of shows to watch on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. And I have to say I don’t feel guilty at all for lounging around and do NOTHING! Even my cat thinks it’s strange that I’m home all the time and oh all the cuddles and kisses…what horror they are to a cat!

Day 122 of self quarantine. My hair is getting longer and so are my nails. I haven’t worn makeup in almost 4 months. Being less stressed at home and combined with less pollution, my skin is starting to look…better!

Day 185 of self quarantine. Ok, now I really have to do some maintenance so I don’t look like a cavewoman by the time we get out of this ordeal. Where should I start? Trimming my brows? Curling my lashes? Let me lay down and think about the priorities…ZZZ…ZZ…..z…Z…..zz….

Day 3021…

If the above sounds familiar, you’re not alone! We’ve all been there in this past year and we’re so close to getting out, well, almost! So what now? I had my vaccine shot about 3 months ago, feeling invincible at home, less worrisome at work, but extra vigilant when I go grocery shopping.

Am I ready to take off my masks when going outside? Probably not. Am I ready to dine indoors at a restaurant? Probably not. Am I ready to hang out again with friends? Mmm, probably not that either.

Let me tell you this though, I AM ready to spend more quality time by myself even after this pandemic is over.

For those of you that know me, or at least know of me, I am your typical introvert that needs private recharging time. After a year of solitude I found that I am the most happy and most productive when I’m alone.

You might be wondering if I get bored. The answer is yes and no. I do get bored but I can always find something to un-bore myself with: playing with makeup, working on my computer, reading, writing, drawing, playing games on my phone, etc.

I guess you can also argue that I don’t enjoy compromise with others? Haha. Maybe not as much as I was willing to before 2020. Either way, I’m proud to say I’ve become a social distancing expert.

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